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Taw-Law Specialist

Our thorough and technical revision standards consolidated FB Tax Legal as leading firm in all key areas of Tax Law. Our practice is the result of specialized tax advisory, tax litigation experience and innovative tax efficient business structures.

In Excellency We Trust

We are a team of high-qualified specialists- attorneys and accountants- committed to excellency by our skill of cooperation, accuracy and promptness.

Solid Tax Advisory

Our comprehensive tax advise adds value to our clients by designing long-term and innovative business/holding structures and mitigate contingencies beforehand.

Tax Litigation Experience

We have designed procedural strategies under which our clients were granted with injunctions, substitution of bank attachments by the tax authorities, the inclusion of evidence obtained overseas, competence of the Federal Supreme Court of Justice as first and sole instance, and to upgrade to federal status of local or provincial matters.

Turning Knowlegde into Value

As a result of our expertise, knowledge, innovation and business approach, FB Tax provides a high-quality service in tax-related litigation matters and in tax advisory of local and multinational companies, individuals and NPO.

VAT Collection Mechanism on digital Services

On April 24th, 2018, Decree 354 came into force regulating the payment mechanism of
VAT arising from the so called “digital services” provided by nonresidents and that are
economically used or exploited in Argentina.

Payment mechanism for capital gain Tax of nonresidents

As from April 26th, 2018, Resolution 4227(“R4227”) comes into force
regulating, among others, the payment mechanism of the income tax arising from the
capital gains obtained by non-residents and arising from the transfer of shares, equity,
investment funds and other Argentine-based assets.

Reforma Tributaria

El 29 de diciembre de 2017 fue publicada en el Boletín Oficial la Ley Nro. 27430 que introduce cambios significativos en el sistema tributario argentino.

Reforma Penal Tributaria

A continuación, se detallan las principales modificaciones al Régimen Penal Tributario en términos de figuras delictivas así como las que afectan el procedimiento penal.

Consenso Fiscal

Si bien no es objeto de la Ley 27.430, comentamos brevemente los compromisos asumidos por las provincias y la Nación el 16 de diciembre de 2017 mediante la celebración del “Consenso Fiscal”.

Our Offices

Our main office is located in the City of Buenos Aires. FB Tax Legal has representation offices at Cordoba, Rosario, Corrientes and Mar del Plata in charge of Tax Law specialists.

Dear Clients and Friends,

Effective as from March 20, 2020 through April 12,2020, the Argentine Government declared mandatory and social isolation for Argentine residents as a preemptive measure to avoid COVID-19 spread. For this reason, our head offices will be closed up to April 12, 2020.
However, FB Tax Legal has adopted all measures to ensure the continuity of our services and to be of assistance in all matters and queries during this extraordinary period.
Therefore, our entire team remains at your service under remote working scheme, meaning that we will continue permanently checking our emails and taking call as usual.
If required, please contact us to our office phone, mobile phones, WhatsApp and Skype during usual business hours. For immediate contact please call to:

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