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Our Practice

Tax Advisory:

  • Tax revision of cross-border transactions.
  • Permanent tax and customs advisory to more than 20 multinational companies.
  • We are tax advisors of more than 20 law and accountant firms in Argentina.
  • We are permanent tax and foreign exchange advisors of spare-part and automotive industries.
  • We are tax advisors of shipping companies.
  • We reviewed all tax-related matters arising from the acquisition of mines in the Northern Argentina by a multinational mining group.

Tax litigation:

  • We assisted and represented clients in tax-related cases with amounts exceeding AR$ 700MM.
  • We obtained more than 10 injunctions at the Federal Supreme Court of Justice in the past year.
  • We lifted more than 30 forced suspension of business ruled by the tax authorities.
  • We filed precursor Minimum Presumed Income Tax refunds in the country.
  • We obtained tax exemptions for international organisms.
  • We assisted international companies and chambers to challenged un-constitutional taxes in Argentina.
  • We represented oil and gas companies in judicially challenging Provincial Gross Turnover Tax.
  • We represented more than 30 clients in the past 5 years on challenging international tax aspects of Argentine legislation.
  • We filed criminal tax defenses on matters associated to apocryphal invoices.
  • We filed defenses involving promotional regimes: mining and renewable energies.
  • We challenged municipal advertising and safety duties.

Tax planning and international taxation:

  • We designed and implemented USD-nominated debt re-structuring procedures to revert negative cash position or negative net-worth positions.
  • We intervened in the redomicialization of local entities abroad.
  • We implemented cost-sharing structures minimizing risks of challenged by the tax authorities.
  • We advised on the relation of assets of more than 30 family structures including the distribution of states in probate procedures.
  • We assisted in creating tax-efficient structures of net-worth following the recent voluntary assets disclosure in force in Argentina in 2016-2017.

Tax Audits

  • We closed comprehensive tax audits by tax authorities with zero or minimum tax liabilities to our clients, avoiding subsequent administrative or judicial procedures.
  • We intervened in the tax due diligence for the acquisition of automotive, mining and software related companies.

Foreign Trade and Customs:

  • We assisted clients in the assessment of customs treatment arising from the import of capital assets and production lines.
  • We filed for the temporary imports of samples or good to be subject to further industrialization in Argentina.
  • We advised clients on the customs implications for exporting art works.
  • We represented our clients in procedures related to penalties, underpayment of customs duties and customs misdeclarations.

Transfer Pricing:

  • Customization of international transfer pricing policies to fit Argentine regulations.
  • We designed transfer pricing policies of fragrance industry companies.
  • We followed up comprehensive transfer pricing audits on entities engaged in the commercialization of commodities.
  • We assisted our clients in the identification of transfer pricing methods in the turbine and engine industry filed.

Municipal Taxation:

  • We challenged the application of Safety and Hygiene duty.
  • We represented clients in challenging advertising duty and withholding regimes of municipal taxes.
  • We represented a group of companies belonging to Industrial Chamber in their first collective action.


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